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Our Services

On-Site Interpretation

We provide the highest quality interpreters in the area. Our interpreters are certified in either the medical or legal field or both.

Our company has worked with Government agencies (federal, state, and local) as well as civil, criminal, personal injury, and real estate attorneys.

In the medical field, we have contracted with Hospitals, Pediatric Clinics, and multiple specialist clinics (Cardiology, Oncology, Allergy, Neurology, Pulmonology and Orthopedics) and various insurance and healthcare providers. We assist with COVID-19 patients in Charlotte hospitals.

Document Translation

We translate a wide spectrum of documents from legal documents to literature, from medical to government documents, from education brochures to press releases. We can do single page documents (birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc.) or hundreds of pages books, handbooks, or journals.

Palmetto Interpreters honors agreed deadlines at the most competitive price and will work with your specific needs.